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Glass Rosaries

Glass Rosaries
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Multi-Color 8mm Fire Polished Rosary Beads $22.95
Sapphire Glass Fire Polished 8mm Beads. Pewter Blessed Mother Centerpiece/Crucifix $42.95
Pink Crystal Vintage Saturn Beads Pewter Crucifix/Centerpiece $42.95
Lt. Sapphire Vintage Crystal Saturn Beads Pewter Rosary $43.95
Cobalt Blue 6mm Faceted Fire Polished Rosary Beads $26.95
Pewter Sapphire
8mm Fire Polished Glass Bi-cone Rosary Beads

(September Birthstone)

8mm Red Pyramid Glass Fire Polished Pewter Crucifix/Centerpiece Rosary $48.95


Basilicas 8mm Purple Czech Fire Polished Rosary Beads $32.95
Tanzanite 8mm Cat's Eye Pewter Crucifix/Centerpiece Rosary Beads $46.95
Aqua Cylinder Crackle Glass Beads Rosary $38.95
Heart Red 8mm Druk Glass Rosary Beads $42.95
Peach Swirl 10mm (large) Rosary Beads $28.95
Cranberry 6mm Fire Polished Rosary Beads $22.95
Madonna and Child Pewter Crucifix and Centerpiece, 8mm Fire Polished Glass Rosary Beads $32.95
Pewter St. Theresa
8mm Ruby Czech Fire Polished
Rosary Beads
8mm Sapphire Fire Polished Glass Beads, Filigree Our Father Beads $48.95
Gold Pewter 8mm Ruby Fire Polished Beads with Filigree Our Father Beads Rosary $48.50
Pewter St. Theresa Roses Red Cushion Beads Rosary $42.95
6mm Pink Glass Rosary $22.95
Clear Glass Fire Polished 8mm Beads Pewter Crucifix and Centerpiece (Centerpiece has Holy Water From Lourdes) $36.95
8mm Shades of Gold, Blue, Purple Fire Polished Glass Rosary $26.95
8mm Red Fire Polished Glass Beads, Holy Spirit Centerpiece 

(Great for Confirmation Gift)

8mm Lt. Purple Aurora Borealis Fire Polished Rosary $28.95
7mm Lt. Aqua Fire Polished Glass First Communion Rosary $26.95
6mm Raspberry Fire Polished Glass First Communion Rosary $26.95
7mm Cobalt Blue Fire Polished Glass First Communion Rosary $26.95
6mm Glass Fire Polished First Communion Rosary Beads $26.95
First Communion 6mm Jet Glass Fire Polished Rosary Beads (boy) $26.95
8mm Two Tone Aqua/Green Fire Polished Pewter Blessed Mother Rosary Beads $26.95
8mm Sapphire Heart Shaped Beads Our Lady of Grace Rosary Beads $38.95
6mm Two Tone Glass Fire Polished Beads with Holy Spirit Center Rosary (can be for a Confirmation Gift)


8mm Two-tone Glass Fuscia/Green Rosary Beads $26.95
6mm Multi-Colored Fire Polished Glass Rosary Beads $34.95


8mm Czech Fire Polished Glass Plum Butterfly Rosary Beads $26.95


To purchase the Rosaries, please contact me via email.  We are in the process of setting up an online payment system for the future.

I wish you Peace and Blessings of the Blessed Mother!